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How to Buy the Right Microscope

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Chapter 6. Used Microscopes

From time to time, folks ask us if they should buy a used microscope, or if we offer them for sale.

I imagine there are some decent used scope bargains out there. The problem is that most of us are not qualified to properly determine a used scope's condition. A scope may look sound, and you might think, "Hey, this is a cream puff!"

However, problems might lie in the optics and elsewhere, which might have undergone years jarring bumps and destructive impact in the hands of uncaring users. Such use can put a scope in pretty poor shape.

I once showed an inexpensive student microscope to the head of the Biology department at a large Southeastern university. After listening to his favorable comments, especially about the optics, he told me the optics were better than those on the $2000+ scopes at his school.

"How can that be?" I asked (remembering our $200 or so price tag).

"Because of the way that ours have been treated. Students don't handle our scopes the way they ought to. They're all out of whack."

That conversation taught me a few things.

First, that we have some nice scopes.

Second, not to buy a used microscope from an educational setting. You might get a great deal on a thousand-dollar scope, but the optics could be in shambles without you knowing it.

There is always a reason a microscope is being sold. Schools don't get tired of microscopes. They always will need microscopes. The students tear them up and wear them out! They are replaced when they are no longer fit for service.

Most of the people who use microscopes don't actually own them. Many are used by students who don't treat them as well as an owner would.

Unless you know how to evaluate and repair fine optical instrument, you'd be well advised to steer clear of used microscopes.

All equipment sold by GreatScopes is brand-new and factory fresh.

The concluding chapter will wrap it all up!

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