How to Buy the Right Microscope

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Got Microscopic Confusion?Microscope

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Chapter 1: Microscope Construction

There's more to a microscope than meets the eye - here you'll learn what to look for, and what to avoid. [More]

Microscope ObjectivesChapter 2: Microscope Optics

Learn about the various grades of optics and
the good bad and ugly of monocular vs. binocular. [More]

Chapter 3: Microscope LightingMicroscope Bulb

Learn about the four most popular light sources, and why you might some are better than others, and one... well, not so good. [More]

Chapter 4: Microscope Focus

Fine focus, coarse focus, slip clutch...
a few things you'll want to know BEFORE you buy. [More]

Microscope Diaphragm

Chapter 5: Components on Microscopes

What are all those levers and knobs and adjusters and such? Learn what you want and why. [More]

Chapter 6: Used Microscopes?

Planning on buying a used microscope?
Learn why you might want to think twice about that idea! [More]

Chapter 7: Conclusion

If you make it this far in the guide, you'll know more about
microscopes than 99% of the people out there!

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Intro» Construction» Optics» Light» Focus» Components» Used» Conclusion


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